Meet our partners

We have four types of partners with whom we work closely


The Fiduciaries partners offer you an excellent follow-up of your accounting, thanks to the possibility to share the accounting folders with Winbiz Cloud.



The Winbiz Partners resell the Winbiz Cloud products and services. They offer also some services to their customers who use Winbiz Cloud : setting of the software, parametrization and basic tips on the Winbiz Cloud usage.

The Premium partners can assist you also in more complex problems.

Winbiz Partner Premium
Winbiz Partner

Winbiz Specialists

The Winbiz Specialists obtained a certifcation attesting to their advanced knowledge of the software. The Winbiz Specialists can train you on the usage of Winbiz, can inform you about the advanced functionalities of Winbiz Cloud and can assist you during the setup and the configuration of the software.


Winbiz Specialist

Demande de partenariat pour Fiduciaire

Demande de partenariat

Merci de completer toutes les informations. Jusqu’au moment de la validation de votre demande, vous pouvez utiliser sur votre site le logo simple Winbiz que vous trouvez à la page réservée à nos Marques et logos.

Ce logo doit être cliquable et le clic doit diriger sur notre home page.

Fiduciary partnership request

Partnership request

Please complete all the information. Until your request is validated, you can use on your site the simple Winbiz logo that you will find on the page reserved for our Brands and logos.

This logo must be clickable and the click must point to our home page.