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Winbiz Cloud, the Swissmade ERP for Swiss companies

We propose a simple and economic solution to the swiss SME, startups and independents. Winbiz allows them to manage their company from A to Z. Our core business is to resolve the complexities linked to the invoicing, the payments, the acconting, the VAT, the salaries, the social insurances, etc.

With Winbiz Cloud, you’ll save time and money. Winbiz is the reference tool to master your own company, without subtracting time to your core activities.

Winbiz is ready for the new QR-invoice

The new QR-invoice can be used since 30 June 2020.

Winbiz is of course already able to send and receive invoices with a Swiss QR-Code. The QR-invoice is already available can be used by Winbiz Cloud users and by those who have an updated version of Winbiz Local.

Take back control of your business

Do you sometimes feel that your business slips through your fingers and that you don’t really control it?

Do you want to have a global vision of the health of your company? Winbiz Cloud allows you, in a few clicks, to know the financial health of your company.

Do you have liquidity problems? Winbiz Cloud brings you the necessary help to get paid more quickly and easily.

With Winbiz Cloud you take back the control of your company.

Take back control of your business

Save money!

Winbiz Cloud is an all-inclusive fixed monthly cost that will allow you to manage your business while saving a lot of money!

  • Pay your bills in a timely manner and avoid reminder fees.
  • Send your customers ebill invoices: simple, fast and convenient.
  • Manage your reminders professionally.
  • Control your stock to avoid overstocking or out-of-stock that can cost you dearly.

We support companies also in these difficult moments related to the state of emergency. This is why we are reducing the minimum commitment period to Winbiz Cloud to 6 months for orders from 16 March 2020. Please contact us for any further questions.

Winbiz appstore

The Winbiz appstore allows you to install applications that are complementary to Winbiz Cloud. In this online store, you will find applications that allow you to manage your expense reports or to create a summary dashboard.

Some applications are free. The price of paid applications is always indicated per month and per user, like Winbiz Cloud. Please note that FIDUCIAL WINBIZ does not withhold any commission on application sales in order to keep an unbeatable price-quality ratio.

Winbiz Appstore

The free FAQ to help you wherever you are

Check our FAQ to answer your questions upon how to use Winbiz. It answers your needs and accompanies you during the day to day Winbiz tasks.

The FAQ is constantly fed with new sections, to provide you with a complete and personalized assistance.

Our showroom in Geneva

Advice and demonstration on the use of Winbiz Cloud

Learn to use Winbiz Cloud to optimize the management of your company

Choose a Winbiz Cloud training in order to improve your usage of Winbiz. On the top of this, you’ll benefit from personalized advice from trainers, in order to adapt the software to the needs of your activities.

Choose the formula adapted to your needs, at home or in a Winbiz Learning Center next to you. Discover the numerous courses Entrepreneurs, the trainings for Fiduciaries or obtain the certification Winbiz Specialist.

Winbiz Fiduciaries

More than 800 fiduciaries, along with the Swiss Fiduciaries Union, trust Winbiz. Find the fiduciary closest to you by clicking on the link below!

Need some help?

You can always check our FAQ which contains 1’500 articles, tutorials and explanatory videos. Here there are only solutions!

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