Meet our partners

We have five types of partners with whom we work closely

Winbiz Trustees

More than 700 trustees and the Swiss Union of Fiduciaries trust Winbiz; find the nearest to you with an ultra-simple data transfer!


I want to become a Winbiz Trustee

Access our customer base of 25,000 companies and enjoy favourable conditions.

I'm looking for a fiduciary

Find your fiduciary among our experienced specialists. Consult our list of fiduciaries by canton to find the one nearest to you.


The Winbiz Reseller Network has more than 600 qualified Resellers at your disposal. They can tell you about the features of Winbiz, sell you the software and help you with the initial installation and setup of the program.


To speed up learning about your new software or to master the features, you can contact one of our certified Winbiz Specialist partners near you. Would you like to teach how to use Winbiz software?


Our development partners offer real added value to our products and our customers. We work closely with a multitude of partners in order to offer solutions that complement Winbiz which meet the needs of Swiss SMEs.