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Discover Winbiz Cloud

Thanks to Winbiz Cloud, you can work from the office, home or even on the move. Your data are saved several times a day in a high-quality data centre in Switzerland.

At your request, we can give access to your data to your fiduciary. With Winbiz Cloud, there is no more need to manually exchange files with your accountant.

La FAQ gratuite pour vous aider où que vous soyez

Free FAQs to assist you wherever you are

Check our FAQs to answer your questions about using Winbiz software. It has been designed to meet your needs in order to assist when using Winbiz.

The FAQs is constantly updated with new articles in order to offer you complete and personalised assistance to optimise the management of your company .

Winbiz Cloud boost your growth because everything is integrated



Winbiz allows you to make receipts and payments without leaving the software.



Compatible with over 10 ready-to-use online shops.

Solutions métiers

Business solutions

Several industry-specific business solutions have been integrated in order to adapt Winbiz to your activity.


SMS Gateway

Several packs available to easily send text messages to your customers.

Accounting, invoicing and payroll management software in local and cloud version

3 complete modules to ensure optimal management of your company, available separately or in packs.


Winbiz Accounting

Make entries with ease and keep your accounting up to date with just a few clicks.


Winbiz Commerce

Issue invoices, receive payments and pay your suppliers.


Winbiz Payroll

Automate calculations, simplify payments and generate salary certificates.

Learn how to use Winbiz to optimise the management of your company

Opt for a Winbiz training session to perfect your use of the software. In addition, you can benefit from the customised advice of instrcutors to adapt the software to the needs of your activities.

Choose the package to suit your needs, at home or in a Winbiz Learning Centers near you. Check out many Entrepreneur trainings, Fiduciary training, or get the Winbiz Specialist certification.

Fiduciaires Winbiz

Winbiz Fiduciaries

More than 800 fiduciaries and the Swiss Trust Union rely on Winbiz. Find the nearest fiduciary on the link below!

Fiduciaire Beaumont Testimonial

The Winbiz program won us over with its simplicity and accessibility. As a fiduciary, it is important to also understand the functioning of the database, thus enabling better work data exports.

Fiduciaire Beaumont SA
Le directeur

Customer Feedback Les Fondues Wyssmüller

This professional software allows us to work effectively thanks to its simplicity. We can also optimize the time devoted to administrative management, as Winbiz allows you to centralize the different commercial documents.

Les Fondues Wyssmüller
Event Manager

Témoignage Tennis Club Echallens

The Winbiz Basic Pack has greatly facilitated the work of the secretariat in the tennis club ! Automated invoices and payments to clients and creditors, it saves a very precious time. Its very attractive price, has allowed us to acquire it without too much burden on our budget, element always good to take !

Treasurer of the Tennis Club Echallens