Winbiz Cloud for fiduciary

Become a Winbiz Fiduciary Partner and reap the rewards!

Winbiz Cloud was developed for Swiss fiduciaries by a company founded more than 30 years ago. Winbiz is used by more than 35,000 SMEs and 800 fiduciaries across Switzerland.

The benefits for fiduciaries

  1. Winbiz Cloud lets fiduciaries boost their profitability by automating many of their processes regarding managing accounts for SMEs. Winbiz Cloud lets fiduciaries work simultaneously with their clients on their files in total safety and security, without having to travel or to exchange data using a USB stick.
  2. Winbiz Cloud offers excellent value for money, ensuring streamlined distribution to the clients of fiduciaries.
  3. Winbiz Cloud is a comprehensive and easy-to-use program (detailed Winbiz features), meeting a number of trade requirements and featuring intuitive and easy configuration.
  4. Winbiz Cloud is developed and sold exclusively in Switzerland. This strategy allows us to quickly adapt to any changes made to the Swiss legal framework. Discover our different certifications and labels.
  5. Winbiz Cloud supplies high-quality support and training. For example, we offer specific training to fiduciaries. These targeted training programs will allow you to boost your efficiency.
  6. Users will be able to invoice Winbiz Cloud subscriptions used by their own clients.

Winbiz is a Diamond partner of FIDUCIAIRE|SUISSE

FIDUCIAIRE|SUISSE consists of fiduciary experts working mainly on behalf of SMEs and individuals. Its 12 regional divisions cover the whole of Switzerland and to date have more than 2100 members, including individuals and companies. Companies affiliated with FIDUCIAIRE|SUISSE employ a total of 8100 employees, including 750 apprentices.

Winbiz Cloud is on the side of fiduciares

Digital technology is changing the value chain across a number of industries and we are helping our fiduciaries partners to adjust to this new paradigm. For instance, we give fiduciaries the chance to diversify their revenue streams. By equipping your clients with Winbiz Cloud, you will be able to concentrate on the most complex operations, requiring significant levels of much sought-after expertise. The following options are available:

  1. Invoicing Winbiz Cloud subscriptions used by your own clients. This invoicing option allows our fiduciraies partners to sell a package of services to their clients, including the use of Winbiz Cloud. The end client will pay for a general service (for example, managing and closing accounts) and may use Winbiz Cloud without being sent an invoice by LOGICIAL.
  2. Provide Winbiz courses to SMEs. We will organise the courses, find the clients and collect the money. The courses will be taught by the fiduciaries, who will receive 50% of the revenue. This scheme enables our fiduciares partners to demonstrate their expertise and to get in touch with prospective clients.

How fiduciaries can save time with Winbiz Cloud

Fewer manual procedures

For example, it is easy for you to import your clients’ banking operations and to automate closing operations.

Data always up to date

Your clients’ data will always be up to date. No need to exchange data with your clients via email or using a USB stick.

Real-time collaboration

You and your client can work simultaneously on accounting dossiers.$ Operations delegated to the client

Operations can be delegated to the end client

Simple operations can be delegated to the end client, leaving you to focus on the most complex operations.

A wide range of analysis available

Analyse the financial health of your clients’ companies using pre-determined reports (Profit accounts, notebook, bank statements, dashboards, etc.).

Complies with Swiss regulations

Winbiz complies with Swiss regulations Any changes made to the laws will be incorporated into the program via regular updates.

Saving time

You can count the number of hours spent on a file in addition to generating the invoice automatically.

An unlimited number of authorisations

You can manage an unlimited number of accounting files using Winbiz.

Detailed description of Winbiz features.

Discover all the Winbiz features for fiduciaries and Agro fiduciaries.

Become a Fiduciary Partner of Winbiz

  • Sign and return the terms of partnership
  • Order your Winbiz Cloud accesses
  • If necessary, register for a Winbiz training course
  • If your customer uses Winbiz Cloud, ask them for access to their data.

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Find the Winbiz fiduciares closest to your SME.

Advantages of Winbiz Cloud


Winbiz Cloud is available from your office, at home and at your request, your fiduciary will also have access.


Your data are saved several times a day in a high-quality data centre in Switzerland.


No need to buy servers, or use backup solutions. Your software is always up-to-date.

Simple migration

If you’re already a Winbiz Local customer, transfer your local data to our Winbiz Cloud with one click.