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LOGICIAL SA and Agro-Twin collaborate closely to provide an edition tailored to agricultural fiduciary needs.

Agricultural fiduciaries can save time with the ability to produce closing documents in just a few clicks. Winbiz-AGRO is connected to eInventar and A-Twin.Cash and it is able to connect to the A-Twin DataPool.

Winbiz-AGRO is not available on Winbiz Cloud.

Available exclusively in the Winbiz Agro version

  • Preset and configurable charts of accounts in FR and DE for farms (full plan, simplified plan and plan for operating communities)
  • Calculation of the REDIP (reduction of the preliminary tax deduction) for farms
  • Import/export data from/to A-TWIN.Cash
  • Allocation keys for analytical accounts
  • Analytical records that allow scoring of analytical distributions
  • Ability to integrate data from the DataPool into closing documents
  • Ability to integrate data from eInventar into closing documents
  • Professional layouts: statement of account, balance sheet, losses & profits, etc.


General features

  • Unlimited number of accounting files (terms) and databases
  • Network and local operation
  • Works on terminal servers (MS Terminal Server, Citrix, Propalms, etc.)
  • Data exchange with customers by e-mail (or disks, keys, etc.), even between software of different versions


  • Unlimited number of accounts and entries
  • Complete management of VAT, gross or net, against agreed or received considerations
  • Foreign currencies, price management, exchange differences
  • Accounting with breakdown by account or distribution plans
  • Import of accounting entries in different formats (XLS, text, etc.)


  • Numerous invoicing options: multi-BVR, periodicals, advance payment invoices, sending and receipt of e-invoices (electronic invoices), LSV, etc.
  • Statistics on margins, turnover per item, customer, region, salesperson, etc.
  • Creditor invoices with creation of electronic payment orders (ISO 20022, DTA, OPAE), import of e-invoices
  • Inventory management, inventory control, supplier orders, etc.
  • Accounting in Winbiz Accounting, with the possibility of derecognition at any time


  • Swissdec
  • Suva certified (LAA, AVS, AC, etc.)
  • Unlimited number of employees
  • Salary certificates with bar codes
  • AVS, CA, LAA, IJM, BVG, withholding tax statements
  • Accounting in WinBIZ Accounting, with the possibility of derecognition at any time


  • Use of Windows™ security by default
  • Passwords by user
  • Passwords by file
  • Ability to define security groups for simpler configuration of each user's accesses
  • Ability to define in detail what data and features are available to each user
  • Activities audit


  • Unlimited number of customisable layouts per document
  • Creation of documents in various formats (PDF, HTML, DOC, etc.)
  • Data export in various formats (XLS, XML, CSV, etc.)
  • Sending documents by e-mail

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