Winbiz Cloud

Winbiz Cloud helps entrepreneurs from CHF 49.-/month (excluding tax) per account


Winbiz Cloud, the Swiss management software for Swiss companies

We offer SMEs, startups and independent Swiss a simple and inexpensive solution that allows them to manage their business from A to Z. Our core business is to solve the difficulties related to business numbers (billing, payments, accounting, VAT, wages, LPP, AVS, etc.).

With Winbiz, entrepreneurs save time and money. Winbiz is the reference tool to manage your business masterfully, while practicing his job with both hands.

Winbiz Cloud Basic

49 CHF /month (excluding tax) per account
  • This edition integrates the Accounting, Commerce and Payroll Modules in limited version

  • Swiss Made and Swissdec Certified

  • Integrated e-banking and e-invoices

  • Up to 3 companies

  • Up to 1000 addresses and 1000 items

  • Up to 5 employees

  • Local currency only

Winbiz Cloud Professional

69 CHF /month (excluding tax) per account
  • This edition includes the Accounting, Commerce and Payroll Modules without any limit

  • All the features included in the Winbiz Cloud Basic edition without any limit

  • Integrated business solutions

  • Interface with several e-commerce sites

  • Unlimited number of companies

  • Unlimited number of addresses and items

  • Unlimited number of employees

  • Unlimited number of foreign currencies


Winbiz Cloud Ultimate+

89 CHF /month (excluding tax) per account
  • This edition consists of Modules and Options in Accounting, Commerce, Payroll, Projects and Cash Register as well as Extensions

  • All the features included in the Winbiz Cloud Professional edition

  • Integrated Winbiz Projects

  • Unlimited number of contributors and activities

  • View of activities to be invoiced

  • Integrated Winbiz Cash Register

  • Management of users by cash register

  • Cash or card payments

Advantages of Winbiz Cloud


Winbiz Cloud is available from your office, at home and at your request, your fiduciary will also have access.


Your data are saved several times a day in a high-quality data centre in Switzerland.

Always up to date

You are still working on the latest available version of Winbiz Cloud.

Winbiz Cloud adapts to your needs

Simple and accessible, Winbiz is also complete. Its functionalities can be adapted to different trades so that we can offer a personalized service to our customers.

Thanks to its API, Winbiz Cloud can be enriched with several third-party applications.
These are available on our Winbiz App Store

Always available everywhere

Winbiz Cloud ™ is enterprise management software accessible from the office, home, workshop and even on the go.

Several collaborators can work simultaneously on the same file while being in different places.

Trustees can work on their clients’ mandates in addition to the latter: no more insecure transfer by email of the data to the trustee or waiting for corrected data to continue working.

Winbiz Cloud can be enriched with several third-party applications available on the Winbiz App Store.

Winbiz Cloud also for fiduciaries

You can use Winbiz Cloud, without limitation of the number of mandates, for a very competitive price in a safe and agile work environment.

No more need to move, exchange files or perform partial backups. A data authorization form must be completed and signed by two parties (trustee and SME client). Unnecessary travel can be avoided. The customer can continue working normally on Winbiz while you perform checks.

Dashboards specifically designed for fiduciaries are available on the Winbiz App Store.


  • Office 365
  • Google Suite
  • SMTP via TSL
  • Mac OS : 10.11 (El Capitan) or higher
  • Windows : Windows 7 or higher
  • iPad/iPhone (iOS 7.x or higher)
  • Android (Version 4/Ice Cream Sandwich or higher)
  • Windows Phone (Windows 7 or higher)
  • An internet connection of at least 2 Mbits / s down- / upload


  • E-banking connections that require a certificate on a USB stick or CD
  • Limited printing options on certain OKI printers
  • Some multi-bin prints may require a fixed IP address, therefore a pay-per-view installation
  • Winbiz Cloud is unavailable from 2 am to 3 am (Swiss time) during the night from Sunday to Monday and a few minutes each night between 3:00 and 3:15