Winbiz Specialist course

Participants will learn the secrets of how Winbiz works in more or less complex environments. Would you like to learn how to ensure that Winbiz is always up to date? How to connect to an online store? How to import data? How to set up e-banking? How to assist a company looking to implement Swissdec transmission rapidly? All these questions are answered in this advanced course, which also prepares you for Winbiz Specialist Certification.

When would you like to attend the training course?





6th and 20th November + 4th December 2019

From 9:00am to 16:30pm



Target audience

All IT vendors and partners working with Winbiz Cloud should take the Winbiz Specialist course. It offers all the necessary information to assist SMEs quickly and safely. It is also suitable for users with advanced knowledge of Winbiz Cloud and IT.

We recommend that you have a very good knowledge of all Winbiz Modules and be very comfortable using IT tools.


General information

  • Setting up automatic updates
  • User and security management


  • Creating a company accounting file
  • Setting up VAT
  • Interest management
  • Currency management
  • Security of accounting entries
  • Entry options
  • Importing accounting entries
  • Analytical accounting
  • Asset management
  • Liaison with Excel


  • Address management
  • Management of stock and items
  • Sales management
  • Purchase management
  • Use of e-commerce
  • Point of sale management


  • Order of tariff priorities
  • Supervision of activities for validation
  • Setting up invoicing options
  • Definition of fields to be frozen during input


  • Setting up Swissdec with or without tax at source
  • Creation of salary statements
  • Use of third-party beneficiaries
  • Creation of electronic payment orders with e-banking or e-finance
  • Calculation and accounting of employer’s share
  • Printing statements
  • Accounting for salaries
  • Transmission of electronic statements via Swissdec 4


18 hours, i.e. 3 x 6 hours


Winbiz Learning Center
Boulevard Emile Jaques-Dalcroze 5
1204 Geneva

Winbiz Learning Center
Rue des Prés-de-la-Scie 7
1920 Martigny

Winbiz Learning Center
Schermenwaldstrasse 10
3063 Ittigen (Berne)


You will be presented with a certificate of attendance and you will have the opportunity of obtaining an official recognition of your skills thanks to Winbiz Specialist Certification.


960.- (without. VAT) by participant