Winbiz Specialist

You have the option of acquiring official certification which demonstrates your skills and of being indexed as a Winbiz Specialist Partner on our site.

Winbiz Specialist course

This course looks at the secrets of how Winbiz Cloud works. This course also prepares you for Winbiz Specialist Certification.

Winbiz Specialist Certification

A demonstration of advanced knowledge of Winbiz Winbiz Specialists can be indexed on our site and easily identified.

Winbiz Specialist

Find a Winbiz Specialist partner

To speed up the process of learning about your new software or to master its features, you can contact one of our certified Winbiz Specialist partners near you.

Winbiz Specialist Partners

Specialist Exercises

Download exercices.

Please follow the procedure below to install the exercises:

1. Click on one of the exercises to download.
2. In the Winbiz Specialist Exercises form, click on the Install button.
3. A confirmation is displayed. Click on OK.
4. Follow the instructions in the course material to retrieve the downloaded exercises.


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