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The course materials are used daily during the Winbiz Entrepreneurs courses. They are suitable for people who want to discover Winbiz Cloud as well as for those who want to deepen their knowledge. All course materials are composed of a theoretical part and completed by practical exercises at the end of each chapter. You can order the course materials even if you do not participate in the Winbiz courses.

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Exercices pour le manuel TQG

Exercices for the TQG Manual

The Quantitative Management Technique (QMT) manual offers practical exercises based on Winbiz management software, in particular on the Winbiz Accounting module. The link to download the data and solutions of the exercises n° 140, 141 and 142 of the TQG 1 22nd edition can be found below.

Manuel Digilex

Vous pouvez commander le manuel afin d’obtenir les exercices.

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Digilex case study

Chapter 6 of the Digilex manual is devoted to a practical case that can be carried out in Winbiz Accounting software. The link to download the exercise is available below:

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