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Fiduciaries course

Step up to advanced level by taking the Fiduciaries course and learning how to save time in your daily tasks. By optimising the time spent on each term, you can process more with the same staff. Ask specific questions related to your business and share your experiences with other participants

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Target audience

Intended for fiduciary staff with knowledge of Winbiz Accounting, Payroll and Commerce modules.


General information

  • Working with multiple databases
  • Facilitating the exchange of backups with your customers


  • Chart of accounts: replacement (new accounting law 2013), aggregation accounts, sub-accounts, bank transfer accounts, etc.
  • Entries: keyboard shortcuts to accelerate input, foreign currencies, period locks, etc.
  • VAT: setup according to the method of imposition, tax on acquisitions, REDIP, etc.
  • Analytical accounting
  • Interest calculation and accounting
  • Cash flow
  • Fixed assets
  • Closing: transitional entries, printing end-of-year documents
  • Importing accounting entries from an Excel file
  • Group accounting scores (sales and purchases)


  • Winbiz salary certifications: Swissdec and SUVA certified
  • Verifying headings
  • Swissdec: settings, automatic transmission of accounts, announcements of inputs and outputs to the compensation fund
  • Creating salary certificates with 2D Barcode
  • Withholding tax: settings, automatic transmissions to cantonal administrations
  • Third-party beneficiaries
  • Calculation and accounting of employer’s share
  • ISO 20022 (e-banking, e-finance)
  • Printing statements: monthly accounting document, statistics, etc.
  • Salary accounting options


14 hours, i.e. 2 x 7 hours


Winbiz Learning Center
Boulevard Emile Jaques-Dalcroze 5
1204 Geneva

Winbiz Learning Center
Rue des Prés-de-la-Scie 7
1920 Martigny


750.- (without VAT) by participant

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