Winbiz Learning Centers offer an ideal setting for group classes thanks to the limited number of participants.


This course deals with recording single and multiple entries, VAT management, closing the accounting year, etc.


This course deals with managing addresses and items, invoicing and collection, document stages, etc.


This course deals with address and item management, creditor invoicing, electronic payment orders, etc.


This course deals with replenishment thresholds, stock movements, warehouses, etc.


This course deals with employee and heading settings, calculation and payment of salaries, salary certificates, etc.


This course deals with the set-up of withholding taxes, configuration of employees, transmissions via Swissdec, etc.


This course deals with the configuration of contributors, entry of activities, project invoicing, etc.

To improve your daily performance

Limited number of participants

In order to guarantee quality training, the maximum number is 8 participants. To view available courses click on the course you are interested in.

Certified course instructors

This training will familiarise you with Winbiz Cloud and enable you to quickly master the basics for optimal use, with advice and examples from our certified instructors.

Winbiz Learning Centers

Our training sessions are available at our centres in Geneva and Martigny. You are sure to find one near you! Any necessary equipment will of course be available on-site.

Course supports

They contain a theoretical part and exercises to be carried out by chapter. Fictional accounting records are also available by following the link below.

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