Winbiz Training Sessions

Learn or improve your Winbiz Cloud skills

Winbiz offers you the opportunity to take courses in order to increase your productivity. Certified trainers deliver Winbiz courses using comprehensive course materials.


The Winbiz Learning Centers offer an ideal setting for group courses thanks to its limited number of participants.


Perfect your use of Winbiz according to your field of expertise in order to gain speed and efficiency.

Winbiz Specialist

You can obtain official certification attesting to your skills and be listed as a Winbiz Specialist Partner on our site.

Customized Courses

Sign up for customized courses to increase your productivity on targeted aspects of Winbiz Cloud. You can take them at your premises or at one of our Winbiz Learning Centers.

Course supports

For self-learning, you can order Winbiz course materials with real-life situations. These course materials are also used to facilitate our Contractors courses.

Winbiz courses exercises

You can also download the exercises from the Winbiz courses for free. These are the exercises used in the courses and in the course materials. They allow you to learn in total autonomy.

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