Connecting from a PC

Winbiz Cloud Install

  1. Make sure you have your Winbiz Cloud login and password (Created when ordering)
  2. Click on the link wb_cloud_install.exe
  3. Open the downloaded file “wb_cloud_install.exe” and follow the installation assistant’s instructions
  4. Double click on the Citrix Receiver app to open it
  5. In the “Add an account” window, enter the address
  6. Insert the “Username” and the “Password”
  7. Click on “Open a session”

Transfer your local data to Winbiz Cloud

Are you already using Winbiz? Transfer your local data to Winbiz Cloud easily and securely.

An article in the FAQs will assist you step-by-step with screenshots and comments to complete the migration.

System requirements

  • Windows 10
  • An internet connection of at least 2 Mbits / s down- / upload
  • SMTP via TSL


  • The direct connection between Winbiz and e-banking is not possible if it requires the installation of a certificate or a connection via USB. Sending or retrieving e-banking files must therefore be done manually.
  • Winbiz Cloud is unavailable from 2am to 3am (Swiss time) during the nights from Sunday to Monday as well as a few minutes each night between 3am and 3.15am.
  • Linking with local email clients (sending email, synchronising contacts with a local Outlook or Thunderbird)
  • Graphs (dashboards) cannot be exported to Word, PowerPoint or Excel.
  • The automatic connection to a payment terminal.

Winbiz Cloud

Winbiz Cloud for Mac

Winbiz Cloud for Android

Winbiz Cloud for iPad