Using Winbiz Cloud on Android

It’s possible to access Winbiz Cloud from a tablet or an Android phone using the Citrix Receiver client.

It is necessary to install this application before you can use Winbiz Cloud.

The minimum version of Android required is Version 9, called Pie.

Limitation: printing is not possible from Android devices.

Download and configure Citrix Receiver

  1. Make sure you have the login and password to access the Winbiz Cloud. (Created during the order)
  2. Open the Play Store on your phone or tablet.
  3. Search for the free application “Citrix Receiver”.
  4. Click the “Install” button
  5. Click the “Accept” button
  6. Then open the application “Citrix Receiver”.
  7. Click on “Add an account”.
  8. Enter the address « »
  9. Click the “Next” button
  10. Create your account on the application “Citrix Receiver” (Description: This text defines the name of the account you will have in Citrix. By default the name is the one you entered in step 7. Domain: Insert the domain name « »)
  11. Click on the account you just created, to access Winbiz Cloud
  12. Re-enter your Cloud user’s password
  13. Enter your login details in the Winbiz Cloud login window.
Remark: Steps 1 to 11 are only to be carried out at the first start-up.

Winbiz Cloud

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