Start to develop

Developing applications and connectors

Obtaining an API key is necessary to be able to start developing applications that connect to Winbiz Cloud.

In order to obtain an API key, you must be a partner according to the 2017 Partnership Terms and Conditions.

Partners must purchase at least one Cloud access. By doing so, they benefit from a significant discount that allows even small organizations to develop applications for Winbiz Cloud. The resulting Winbiz Cloud access can then be used for application development and testing.

Obtain a free API key

As soon as the partner has access to Winbiz Cloud, he can ask for a free development key.

The key thus obtained can be assigned to one or more users at the partner’s: it gives the possibility to access one’s own data in the Cloud also via the API.

Only one development key is required for a partner. With this key, which cannot be used by productive applications, the partner can therefore develop an unlimited number of applications. In other words, a development key identifies a partner.

Submit an App for approval

The partner can submit a request for approval as soon as he thinks his App is ready to be sold. The approval process ends with the publishing of the App in the Winbiz App Store.

In order to submit an App for approval some data must be transmitted:

  • at least 3 screenshots of the App;
  • the list of the languages the App can be used with;
  • the description of all the functionalities;
  • the description of the pieces of information used by the App and the list of the API methods called;
  • the Winbiz Editions that are compatible with the App (Basic, Professional, Ultimate+) ;
  • the phone and e-mail contacts of the App helpdesk;
  • the price that the end end customers will pay per month and user.

The App submitted must at least:

Logged operations

All the operations performed on the Winbiz Cloud API are recorded along with their outcome (success/no success).

Complete log

Each Cloud user can access the complete log of all the operations performed by the Apps through the API on the data.


LOGICIAL SA oversees constantly the usage of the users’ data by third-party Apps.

API documentation

The public documentation of the API is always available. The documentation is available only in English, in order to guarantee a good communication between partners both from Switzerland and from abroad.

Listing on the Winbiz appstore

The Apps can be purchased by the end-users exclusively on the Winbiz appstore

Request a new method or a correction

The Winbiz Cloud API is in constant evolution and we like to enrich it with suggestions and pertinent feedback from the partners.
The improvements and the corrections are communicated via the Version history that is published at each Winbiz update.

The roadmap of the future developments is public and can be accessd at any moment.
The partners can suggest improvements and corrections only using the following form:

Development key

Technical documentation

Contact us

Demande de partenariat

Demander une clé pour le développement

Partnership request

Request a key for development