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API Winbiz Cloud

Develop applications connected to Winbiz Cloud

Winbiz Cloud API: an infinite range of possibilities

The Winbiz Cloud API allows you to connect third party software to Winbiz Cloud in order to write or read data.

For example, with the API you can set up a dashboard on iPhone or Android by collecting the relevant data.

You can also process more complicated scenarios. A connector allowing travelling sales representatives to enter information directly during meetings can also be easily set up. You can transfer any type of commercial document (purchasing or sales) to Winbiz Cloud using our API.

This means that Winbiz Cloud can be easily interfaced with any trade program. Developers of software specialising in managing highly complex projects can connect to Winbiz Cloud in order to upload their invoices. This means that there’s no need to worry about managing payments or accounts. Winbiz already offers all of these features; “accounts managed by Winbiz” means a network of 700 fiduciaries working daily with Winbiz while recommending our product and other compatible programs to their clients.

Simpler interfaces are also available: for example, there is no need for cash registers to export each retail sale in an invoice. This means that you can directly export a daily summary of sales per category or product group to accounts. This elegant solution will meet the needs of the majority of SMEs.

Winbiz appstore: a retail space connecting you to 35,000 SMEs in Switzerland

The applications and connectors interfaced with Winbiz Cloud via the API will be made available in the Winbiz appstore designed to help our partners market their latest developments. This online shop lets clients find the right product for them.
Smaller development organisations, those without a particularly large sales team, are able to access a large network of SME clients. This also gives them a credible and efficient shop window for their products.

Seasoned developers, those with previous experience of interfacing products with Winbiz and who use bizinfo (or import from documents and entries), will be able to quickly adapt any existing developments to the Winbiz Cloud API. This will also give them a greater degree of exposure to new prospects, all while developing their business models.

Only a small investment is required to adapt connectors and applications interfaced with the traditional version of Winbiz. The Winbiz appstore lets you reach a much wider audience. It also lets you breathe a new lease of life into previously finalised developments that may not have been particularly widely distributed.

Winbiz Cloud: no additional cost and a regular revenue stream

The Winbiz Cloud API is free of charge. Use is restricted exclusively to Winbiz partners and is subject to specific regulations regarding the use of data.

It’s up to you to decide the retail price of your applications. You may charge a fee for applications made available on the Winbiz appstore or you can make them free to use. If a fee is charged, a price per month and per user access must be given. The advantage of this is that it guarantees a regular revenue stream.

This regular income will reassure entrepreneurs as to the sustainability of applications made available on the Winbiz appstore. This protects our shared clients from the risk that new features may have been designed for “2 versions” instead of providing an update for the version that they have selected and paid for. The monthly fee acts as a subscription, encouraging users to market and update reliable, high-quality applications.

FIDUCIAL WINBIZ do not take any commission on sales. Fees collected by the Winbiz appstore are transferred directly to the company who developed the application, without any commission being taken. These conditions will not change in the future for any applications that have already been published. It is possible that, after the launch phase, we may take a commission on sales in order to cover security costs, for example. Such changes will only affect future applications. To sum up, for those applications published with a rate of commission set at 0%, this rate will not change.

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