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Fiduciaire Beaumont Testimonial

Fiduciaire Beaumont Testimonial

The Winbiz program won us over with its simplicity and accessibility. As a fiduciary, it is important to also understand the functioning of the database, thus enabling better work data exports.

The regularity of updates in keeping with changes to salary demands (swissdec), accounting (new legislation) is also decisive and the price of adaptations also proves to be competitive.

The attractive price of the product has made customers independent (on-site installation) in tracking their accounts, allowing us to focus on analysis rather than input.

The product also offers a wide range of modules that opens access at the request of customers wishing to simplify their work.

Data import has also been decisive. The ability to easily import Excel files (list of entries) has considerably simplified our work. Customers provide us with their entries, which we only have to allocate and import into the journal.

A pleasure once again to use the Winbiz program, which is a playful tool rather than an object of torture for less savvy users.