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Winbiz Cloud is a solution that makes it possible to process all accounting, salary and commercial information. Winbiz Cloud also offers the ability to manage: hours, activities, projects and points of sale. Start-up is very simple and it can be carried out autonomously, since it does not generally require the intervention of a computer specialist. Customers of the fiduciary are responsible for entering accounting and business events on a daily basis. At all times, the fiduciary has control and coaching abilities in order to enable its customers to carry out accounting, fiscal or management tasks (statements, closing, special salaries, etc.).


General features

  • Unlimited number of accounting files (terms) and databases
  • Network and local operation
  • Works on terminal servers (MS Terminal Server, Citrix, Propalms, etc.)


  • Unlimited number of accounts and entries
  • Complete management of VAT, gross or net, against agreed or received considerations
  • Foreign currencies, price management, exchange differences
  • Accounting with breakdown by account or distribution plans
  • Import of accounting entries in different formats (XLS, text, etc.)
  • Calculation of VAT according to the effective method or according to the net tax debt method


  • Management of sales, purchases and stocks
  • Unlimited number of addresses and items
  • Unlimited number of foreign currencies
  • Integrated e-banking
  • Interface with several e-commerce sites


  • Swissdec Certified since 2008
  • Salary calculation by month and hour
  • Unlimited number of employees
  • Salary payments via e-banking
  • Salary certificates


  • Passwords by accounting file and by user
  • User management
  • Security group management
  • Activity history by accounting file (audit)


  • Unlimited number of customisable layouts per document
  • Creation of documents in various formats (PDF, HTML, DOC, etc.)
  • Data export in various formats (XLS, XML, CSV, etc.)
  • Sending documents by e-mail

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Winbiz Cloud Ultimate+

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