Winbiz Cloud for Fiduciaries

Become a fiduciary partner of Winbiz under extraordinary conditions!

Winbiz Cloud allows you to manage and optimize the accounting (entries, balance sheet, VAT statements, etc.) as well as the commercial and salary management of a fiduciary (offers, invoices, payments, orders to suppliers, salaries, salary certificates, etc.).

The Winbiz Cloud access for Fiduciary is equivalent to the Winbiz Cloud Ultimate+ edition, the most complete and high-performance edition of our offer, which includes a module for managing the hours worked for each mandate and automatically generating the corresponding invoice (Winbiz Projects module).

The Fiduciary access allows, moreover, to visualize the folders of its customers who use Winbiz Cloud. The Fiduciary can access them in two clicks and work simultaneously with his client. As a result, the exchange and transfer of databases is no longer necessary and unnecessary travel is avoided.

The customer can give access to his Winbiz Fiduciary directly from the customer area.

Winbiz Cloud in a nutshell

Winbiz Cloud allows you to increase your profitability by automating much of the work related to account maintenance in SMBs. Winbiz Cloud allows you to work on your customers’ folders at the same time as they do, in complete security, without having to travel or exchange data by e-mail or using a USB key.

Winbiz Cloud is your tool for home office. It allows you to work from anywhere. The collaboration on the folders is possible without limit of users. You finally become really flexible.

Winbiz Cloud is very complete and simple to use and meets the needs of many acivities. Its configuration is intuitive and fast.

Winbiz Cloud has an excellent quality/price ratio, support and training services are of high quality. For example, we offer specific training for trustees. These dedicated trainings allow you to improve your efficiency.

Winbiz Cloud is 100% Swiss Made, it is developed and sold only in Switzerland. This strategy allows us to adapt quickly to each evolution of the Swiss legal framework. Discover our different certifications and labels.

Winbiz is a partner of FIDUCIAIRE|SUISSE

FIDUCIAIRE|SUISSE consists of fiduciary experts working mainly on behalf of SMEs and individuals. Its 12 regional divisions cover the whole of Switzerland and to date have more than 2100 members, including individuals and companies. Companies affiliated with FIDUCIAIRE|SUISSE employ a total of 8100 employees, including 750 apprentices.

Winbiz Cloud is on the side of fiduciares

Digital technologies are changing the value chain across many industries. We help our fiduciary partners to adjust to this new paradigm. In particular, we offer fiduciaries the opportunity to diversify their sources of income.

By equipping your customers with Winbiz Cloud, you focus on the most complex operations that require significant, valuable and valued know-how. In particular, we offer the possibility to give Winbiz Cloud courses to SMEs. We organize the courses, find the customers and collect the money. The trustee gives the course and receives 50% of the money collected. This approach allows our fiduciary partners to show their expertise and to get in touch with prospects.

How fiduciaries can save time with Winbiz Cloud

Fewer manual procedures

For example, you can easily import your customers’ banking transactions and automate closing operations.

Data always up to date

Your customer’s data will always be up to date. No need to exchange data with your customers via email or using a USB stick.

Real-time collaboration

You and your customer can work simultaneously on accounting dossiers.

Operations can be delegated to the customer

Simple operations can be delegated to the customer, letting you to focus on the most complex operations.

A wide range of available analysis

Analyse the financial health of your customers’ companies using predefined reports (Profit accounts, account statements, dashboards, etc.).

Complies with Swiss regulations

Winbiz complies with Swiss regulations. Any changes made to the laws are included into the program via regular updates.

Saving time

You can count the number of hours spent on each customer and automatically generate the invoices.

An unlimited number of customers

You can manage an unlimited number of accounting folders using Winbiz.

Features for Fiduciaries

Discover all the Winbiz features for fiduciaries and Agro fiduciaries.

Become a Fiduciary Partner of Winbiz

  • Sign and return the terms of partnership
  • Order your Winbiz Cloud accesses
  • If necessary, sign up for a Winbiz training course
  • If your customers use Winbiz Cloud, ask to give you access to their data.

Are you looking for a Winbiz Fiduciary Partner?

Find the Winbiz fiduciaries closest to your SME.

Advantages of Winbiz Cloud


Winbiz Cloud is available from your office, at home and, at your request, your fiduciary will also have access.


Your data is backed up several times a day in a high-quality data centre in Switzerland.


No need to buy servers, or use backup solutions. Your software is always up-to-date.

Simple migration

If you’re already a Winbiz Local customer, transfer your local data to our Winbiz Cloud with one click.