Basic Pack
49 Swiss Francs/month (excluding tax) per account
Pack Basic

This Pack integrates the Accounting, Commerce and Payroll Modules in limited version

  • Swiss Made and Swissdec Certified
  • Integrated e-banking and e-invoices
  • Up to 3 companies
  • Up to 1000 addresses and 1000 items
  • Up to 5 employees
  • Local currency only

Bestseller Professional Pack
69 Swiss Francs/month (excluding tax) per account
Pack Professional

This Pack includes the Accounting, Commerce and Payroll Modules without any limit

  • All the features included in the Basic Pack without any limit
  • Integrated business solutions
  • Interface with several e-commerce sites
  • Unlimited number of companies
  • Unlimited number of addresses and items
  • Unlimited number of employees
  • Unlimited number of foreign currencies

Ultimate+ Pack
89 Swiss Francs/month (excluding tax) per account
Pack Ultimate

This Pack consists of Modules and Options in Accounting, Commerce, Payroll, Projects and Cash Register as well as Extensions

  • All the features included in the Professional Pack
  • Integrated Winbiz Extensions
  • Integrated Winbiz Projects
  • Unlimited number of contributors and activities
  • View of activities to be invoiced
  • Integrated Winbiz Cash Register
  • Management of users by cash register
  • Cash or card payments

Advantages of Winbiz Cloud



Winbiz is available from your office, at home and at your request, your fiduciary will also have access.



Your data are saved several times a day in a high-quality data centre in Switzerland.



No need to buy servers, or use backup solutions. Your software is always up-to-date.


Simple migration

If you're already a Winbiz customer, transfer your local data to our Winbiz Cloud with one click.

Your fiduciary may, at your request, access your data directly

This way of working eliminates unnecessary movements and increases security because there is no need to make and send backups by e-mail. In particular, your fiduciary can access your accounts while you make payments to creditors or pay wages.


  • Office 365
  • Google Suite
  • SMTP via TSL
  • Mac OS (10.8/Mountain Lion or higher)
  • PC/Windows (Windows Vista or higher)
  • iPad/iPhone (iOS 7.x or higher)
  • Android (Version 4/Ice Cream Sandwich or higher)
  • Windows Phone (Windows 7 or higher)
  • An internet connection of at least 2 Mbits / s down- / upload


  • E-banking connections that require a certificate on a USB stick or CD
  • Limited printing options on certain OKI printers
  • Some multi-bin prints may require a fixed IP address, therefore a pay-per-view installation
  • Winbiz Cloud is unavailable from 2 am to 3 am (Swiss time) during the night from Sunday to Monday

Complete management software (Mac and PC)

Winbiz Cloud™ allows access to your data from your desktop, from home or even on the move. Hosting is ensured by professionals. Winbiz Cloud is always up-to-date and your data are saved daily in Switzerland.

At your request, we can give access to your data to the fiduciary of your choice. Your fiduciary will then be able to work at the same time as you on your figures. Thanks to Winbiz Cloud™ there is no more need to exchange files with accountants.

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