Petrol machines

This Extension enables generation of invoices from transaction files generated by the most significant suppliers of petrol pumps

Why use this extension?

It allows you to import product files in formats used by Bica, Proeda, Schenk, Tokheim into Winbiz Cloud. Invoices are then generated in a few clicks.

Integrated e-banking makes it easy to collect customer payments. In addition, payment entries are automatically generated in the accounts. This saves you time in the administrative management of your petrol machines.

Petrol machines is included in the Winbiz Cloud Ultimate+ Edition.


  • Management of automated petrol machines
  • Option of allocating several types of fuel for each pump
  • Option of linking a different item to each type of fuel
  • Taking into account of customer loyalty cards
  • Option of assigning several cards to the same address
  • Compatible with BICA™, ProEda VPR44™, ProEda TSI88™ and Schenk™ file types
  • Periodic and automatic invoicing
  • Invoicing of purchases between two dates
  • Taking into account of pre-payments
  • Discount management
  • Ability to associate a different discount with each customer card
  • Discounts based on a minimum amount of fuel
  • History of imported transactions

Winbiz Cloud Ultimate+

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