Parcel management

This Extension allows you to automate the invoicing of activities involving processing of agricultural or wine-growing areas

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Why use this extension?

It allows a processing tariff to be associated with a given plot. The invoices generated conform to the priced previously chosen.

It is perfectly suited to a series of processing operations that can be carried out in the agricultural or viticultural domain. Below is a list of examples:

  • Processing operations by helicopter
  • Processing operations by traditional machines
  • Processing operations for sexual confusion
  • Sulphation


Integrated e-banking of course allows you to collect customer payments easily. Payment entries are automatically generated in the accounts. This saves you time in the administrative management of your agricultural and viticultural processing.

Plot management is included in the Company Ultimate+ Pack.


  • Manage an unlimited number of plots that are linked to existing addresses
  • Option of assigning several plots to the same address
  • Option of specifying the tariff to be applied as well as the number, surface, folio and owner for each plot
  • Definition of different tariffs for each plot
  • Option of specifying tariffs per m2 and establishing the tariffs of several existing items
  • Option of using several different tariffs for the same customer
  • Automation of invoicing on the basis of the tariff allocated to each plot
  • Addition of fees during invoicing

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