Copier management

This Extension enables you to manage copier and fax rentals as well as invoicing for services and copies

Why use this extension?

The extension Copier Management is integrated into Winbiz Cloud business management and accounting, which is not the case for other comparable tools on the market.

Any invoicing will automatically be reflected in sales. Integrated e-banking makes it easy to cash your customers’ payments. Payment entries are automatically generated in the accounts. This saves you time in administrative management of copier and fax rentals.

Copier Management is included in the Winbiz Cloud Ultimate+ edition.


  • Manage an unlimited number of devices (copiers or fax machines)
  • Option of assigning several devices to the same address
  • Device type management, as well as management of the list of installed accessories
  • Management of several types of contracts (packages, number of copies, leases or simple service contracts)
  • Option of associating a different contract with each device
  • Option of linking different types of contract to the same customer
  • Entry of the meter status of each device at free periods
  • Automation of invoicing on the basis of the contract allocated to each device
  • Creation of free invoicing periods with regular or pre-set maturity dates
  • Addition of fees during invoicing
  • Exclusion of technical copies when invoicing

Winbiz Cloud Ultimate+

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