Winbiz Cloud Ultimate+

This edition consists of modules and options in Acocunting, Commerce, Payroll, Projects and Cash Register and all extensions

The full set of tools for the most complex SMEs

Winbiz Cloud Ultimate+ includes all modules supported by FIDUCIAL WINBIZ: including project management and the cash register. Tailored extensions for specific branches are also part of this edition.
Available in Winbiz Cloud and in local version.


  • Unlimited number of accounting files
  • Preset and customisable Swiss charts of accounts
  • VAT management according to Swiss standards
  • Ability to add attachments to journal entries
  • VAT statements


  • Management of sales, purchases and stocks
  • Unlimited number of addresses and items
  • Unlimited number of foreign currencies
  • Integrated e-banking
  • Interface with several e-commerce sites


  • Swissdec Certified since 2008
  • Salary calculation by month and hour
  • Unlimited number of employees
  • Salary payments via e-Bbanking
  • Salary certificates


  • Unlimited number of contributors and activities
  • Detailed situation by project
  • View of your projects by mandate, contributor or type of task
  • View of activities to be invoiced
  • Invoicing integrated into Winbiz Commerce

Cash Register

  • Unlimited number of cash registers
  • Cash or card payments
  • Accounts, cash funds, daily report
  • Sales reports and statistics
  • History of documents and transactions


Winbiz Cloud allows you to make receipts and payments without leaving the software.

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Compatible with over 10 ready-to-use online shops.

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Business solutions

Several business solutions have been integrated to adapt Winbiz Cloud to your activities.

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SMS Gateway

Several packs available to easily send text messages to your customers.

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Winbiz Cloud Extensions

Building management

This Extension allows small businesses to invoice rents, heating statements and expense statements

Parcel management

This Extension allows you to automate the invoicing of activities involving processing of agricultural or wine-growing areas

Copier management

This Extension enables you to manage copier and fax rentals as well as invoicing for services and copies

TOMAS Interface

The TOMAS® Interface extension enables professional management of tourist destination products with automation of invoices

Petrol machines

This Extension enables generation of invoices from transaction files generated by the most significant suppliers of petrol pumps.

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