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The evaluation version is only available for Windows.
However, Winbiz Cloud is available on MAC and PC..

Request a free trial of Winbiz and test it for 30 days.

This will allow you to evaluate the full functionality of our software, no strings attached.

We will assist you during this period by providing you with documentation that will make it easier for you to get started with Winbiz.

The trial version allows you to choose, at startup, between Winbiz Basic, Winbiz Professional, Winbiz Ultimate+ or Winbiz AGRO.

The trial version has some limitations:

  • The validity of the version is 30 days
  • Updates are disabled
  • The e-banking module is not included
  • It is not possible to change the location of the database
  • Reports are watermarked
  • It is possible to customize only one layout per report.

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