SMS Gateway

The ease and simplicity of text messaging

Send text messages directly from Winbiz Cloud

Winbiz SMS Gateway allows you to send text messages directly from Winbiz Cloud. Given that mobile phones are personal devices, the ability to communicate with your clients by text message gives a personal touch to your business. Something we normally associate with major companies, this method of communication is now within easy reach for SMEs, giving them an advanced, modern feel.

A better way of dealing with clients

You can send text messages from any print form or email account. Text messages are more economical and more personal than letters, for when you want to wish a client or a supplier a happy birthday, for example. Text messages will normally be read by the intended recipient, while letters might never end up on their desk. Text message campaigns also tend to be more successful than campaigns carried out via email. More than 90% of text messages are opened and read by their recipient, compared to just 40% for emails.

Order a text message package

Below you will find details on the text message packages available, enabling you to get closer to your clients. To submit and order, simply click on the form above then select the desired number of text messages. Options include:

1,000 units for CHF 100

10,000 units for CHF 900

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