Enjoy online sales growth

Online sales

Did you have to close your shop? Have you thought about selling online?

Winbiz Cloud is compatible with the vast majority of e-commerce solutions.

When a customer places an order on your online sales site, you can retrieve it in Winbiz Cloud. Your stock updates itself directly by deducting the items sold.

Your customer’s invoice will be posted and the entries will be directly generated in your accounts.

Every evening, your accounting is up to date, regardless of the online sales made during the day.

Which solution to choose?

Several solutions are available to you, with different services and at prices that can vary significantly. Winbiz Cloud recommends two of them: Prestashop and Drupal Commerce.

Prestashop for SMEs

We recommend that you use Prestashop if you are an SME. Thanks to Prestashop, which is ready to use, you can add images to your items. Furthermore, Winbiz Cloud is compatible with version 1.7 of Prestashop. Our partner Webbax  in Fully has been a Prestashop expert since 2008. It will be able to make you an offer for installation and the connection between Winbiz Cloud and Prestashop.
Advantages of Prestashop:

  • Prestashop is a tool dedicated to e-commerce and online sales
  • Prestashop is the leading European e-commerce platform
  • Prestashop has a French-speaking community
  • Prestashop is designed for ease of access and becoming autonomous fast

Drupal Commerce is for large companies

We suggest you work with Drupal Commerce if you are a larger company and you need a scalable solution. The company MD Systems in Zürich has developed a module which connects Winbiz Cloud to Drupal Commerce. The available module allows to export orders data from Drupal to Winbiz Cloud. The orders imported into Winbiz Cloud allow you to track invoices, payments and reminders, and then generate accounting entries with a few clicks.

Advantages of Drupal Commerce:

  • Designed in a modular manner and can be supplemented with many features
  • Directly rooted in Drupal CMS, designed to be content-centric and therefore ideal for marketing and SEO
  • Especially suitable for digital products and affiliations

Main features of e-commerce solutions


  • Total or partial item publication
  • Publication of one or several item images
  • Management of item status from Winbiz
  • Management of accounting methods
  • Management of prices and promotional offers
  • Total or partial unpublication

Addresses and orders

  • Total or partial retrieval of orders placed on the site
  • Synchronisation of site addresses when retrieving order
  • Import of new customers
  • Customer language taken into account
  • VAT management

Winbiz Cloud assists you

One of our partners can assist you in installing, configuring or hosting your e-commerce platform site.

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