Winbiz and UBS

Connect Winbiz and UBS?

It’s possible to your UBS account with the’e-banking module.

The connection makes it possible to carry out a series of transactions directly from Winbiz, without having to open the e-banking portal.

The main features via this direct connection are:

  • Transmission of payment orders (pain.001)
  • Transmission of withdrawal orders CH-DD (pain.008) (only with Ebics)
  • Retrieval of notifications, payments and account statements (ESRB)
  • Receipt of processing notifications (pain.002) (only with Ebics)
Winbiz and UBS

Possible connections between Winbiz and UBS

Access Card Display :

  • Credit card-sized card reader

Access Card with card reader:

  • Calculator with card


  • Automatic connection between Winbiz and the bank

Access Card with access Key (only with Winbiz Local) :

  • USB key with card



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