For a direct and secure connection between Winbiz and your financial institution

Electronic payments and receipts

Winbiz can connect with all Swiss financial institutions through the integrated e-banking module. The latter is included free in all Winbiz Cloud and Local editions.

E-banking allows you to pay the suppliers’ invoices in a few clicks, as well as pay wages and automatically collect payments from customers. The number of contracts and financial institutions that can be specified is unlimited: the number of accounts that can be managed is unlimited too. Each contract can be password protected and associated with specific files or companies

All Switzerland's financial institutions

Winbiz E-banking allows you to connect the software to all payment traffic platforms

Payment transfer orders

You can automate the transfer of payment orders ISO 20022.

BV, BVR receipts

You can automate invoice collection with BV and BVR.

Winbiz is prepared for ISO 20022

The financial centre has decided to harmonise its payment standards with European standards. This makes it possible to reduce the diversity of procedures by using a uniform technical standard. Users will benefit from several advantages such as the possibility of making direct debits also outside Switzerland or the possibility of reconciling their own accounting with bank statements in a simpler way.

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