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Issue invoices, receive payments and pay your suppliers

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Winbiz Commerce centralises items, sales, stocks and contacts. Winbiz Commerce allows control over all commercial aspects of an SME. Invoicing is extremely simple. The integration of e-banking makes it easy to collect and make payments.

This Module is part of the Basic Pack and can not be purchased separately.

E-banking intégré


Winbiz can connect with all Swiss financial institutions through the integrated e-banking module. Winbiz E-banking allows you to connect the software to all payment traffic platforms. You can automate the transfer of payment orders such as ISO 20022. You can automate invoice collection with BV and BVR.


General features

  • 1 customisable layout per document
  • Simple customisable objects linked to many professional branches
  • History by address


  • Up to 1000 addresses
  • Multi-contact addresses
  • Address verification from
  • Customisable fields


  • Invoices with BV or BVR
  • Cash and credit sales
  • Automatic BV and BVR collections
  • Customer reminders

Records and statistics

  • Purchasing statistics by supplier, by item, etc.
  • Schedule by supplier, by date

Commercial documents

  • Up to 20 document classifications and categories
  • Documents printed in the customer's language
  • E-invoices: sending and receipt
  • Rebates, discounts, abatements, reductions, advance payments

Stages of commercial documents

  • Offers, Quotations, Orders, Worksheets
  • Delivery Notes, Invoices, Receipts etc.
  • Option of using only certain types of documents
  • Document transformation

Stock, benefits, services

  • Up to 1000 items
  • 3 price tables, percentage discounts, price per quantity
  • Unlimited customisable fields
  • Catalogues of items from multiple suppliers
  • Monitoring of the replenishment threshold
  • Stock valuation

Tools and security

  • Import Wizard (items, addresses, etc.) from different formats: XLS, TXT, CSV, DBF, etc.
  • Sending an e-mail via Microsoft Outlook™ or SMTP
  • Reminder of tasks in progress
  • Passwords, activity audit, security groups


  • Creditor invoices with BV, BVR, IPI, IBAN, etc.
  • Compatible with optical readers: e.g. Crealogix
  • Electronic payment orders
  • Calls for tender, orders to suppliers
  • Goods receipt, goods return

Records and statistics

  • Purchasing statistics by supplier, by item, etc.
  • Schedule by supplier, by date

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