Winbiz Payroll

Automate calculations, simplify payments and generate your employees’ certificates

The solution to automate and simplify salary management

Winbiz Payroll allows rapid preparation of monthly salaries for your employees. Electronic payment orders (ISO 20022) are prepared and transmitted to your financial institution. Salaries can be automatically posted in Winbiz Accounting. Winbiz Cloud has been Swissdec certified since 2008. Statements (SUVA, AVS, IJM, etc.) are presented in the standard official format. In this way they are immediately recognised by SUVA auditors.

Available in French, German, Italian and English.


Winbiz Cloud is able to connect to all Swiss Financial Institutions. E-banking allows you to pay employees at the touch of a button. All formats are supported (ISO 20022).

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General features

  • Calculation of all types of wages: fixed, by day, by hour, by task, etc.
  • Electronic wage payments (ISO 20022)
  • Transmission of statements via Swissdec
  • Export of documents and data in various formats (PDF, HTML, RTF, DOC, XLS, ODT, ODS, XPS, CSV, etc.)


  • Unlimited number of employees
  • Employee models to facilitate input
  • Importing employees: XLS, TXT, etc.

Salary calculation and payments

  • Annualisation of withholding tax calculation
  • Salary files printed or sent by e-mail
  • Automatic accounting of employer share and employee share
  • Payment of salaries via e-banking with connection to your financial institutes
  • Option of paying part of a salary to third-party beneficiaries (Prosecution Offices, etc.)


  • Swissdec Certified since 2008
  • Salary certificates
  • AVS, CA, LAA, LAAC, BVG, CAF, IJM, FSO statements, etc.
  • Withholding tax statements
  • Sending statements via Swissdec
  • Statements and statistics by employee or group of employees
  • Annual summary by employee or group of employees

Swissdec 4 Certified

Winbiz Payroll is Swissdec 4 certified. This will allow you to send your salary data simply and securely to the relevant funds. With Swissdec you can also save money. The commission you collect on withholding taxation is, in some cantons, higher than that collected on paper submissions.