Winbiz Accounting

Make your entries with ease for up-to-date records in just a few clicks

The professional and simple tool for managing your accounting

Winbiz Accounting allows you to make entries rapidly These tasks can be performed by accountants or by commercial employees. VAT statements are created automatically. Account statement, balance sheet, operating accounts and ledger are visible at all times. Closing is simple and safe.

Available in French, German, Italian and English.


General features

  • Complete accounting in line with Swiss standards
  • 21 preset charts of accounts, freely configurable
  • Replacement of chart of accounts
  • Budget entry by account
  • Graphical comparison of multiple accounts


  • Unlimited number of single or multiple entries in CHF or foreign currency
  • Preset entries to facilitate input
  • Automatic numbering of accounting documents
  • Automatic exchange rate updates


  • Complete management of VAT according to Swiss standards
  • VAT statement on the official form
  • Detailed journal of VAT entries
  • Calculation of VAT according to the effective method or according to the net tax debt method
  • Accounting according to agreed or received considerations
  • Management of net/gross VAT

Fixed assets, depreciation

  • Unlimited number of fixed assets
  • Fixed asset models to facilitate input
  • Several depreciation methods (constant, degressive, progressive, etc.)
  • Annual or pro rata depreciation
  • Multi-year depreciation history


  • Analytical plan, unlimited number of accounts
  • Distribution plans: automating distributions across multiple accounts
  • Analytical account statements
  • List of analytical balances


  • Balance sheet, income statement, balance of accounts with comparison to previous years
  • Account statements, ledger and journals in local currency and foreign currency
  • Cash flow tables, direct and indirect methods
  • Closing documents

Certified Swiss Made

Winbiz Cloud has been certified Swiss Made since 1 January 2016. This certification guarantees that development, support and training are carried out exclusively in Switzerland.

Swiss Made