Winbiz Modules

Included in all our Winbiz Cloud and Local editions

Winbiz Accounting

The Accounting Module allows you to ensure all your accounts are kept up to date. This module also makes closing accounts easy, while filters enable you to easily find simple and multiple entries. Winbiz Accounting also provides direct VAT breakdowns.

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Winbiz comptabilité

Winbiz Commerce

The Commerce Module allows the creation of debtor and creditor invoices. Creditor payments are sent to your financial institution directly from Winbiz Commerce. All addresses of your customers and suppliers are established in this Module. Stock management is also included in Winbiz Commerce.

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Winbiz Commerce

Winbiz Payroll

The business management module also gives you the option of calculating your monthly salary expenditure, with payments sent to your financial institution. Salary slips will be generated from Winbiz, with the software also sending direct breakdowns.

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Winbiz Salaires

The Winbiz modules are included in all our Winbiz Cloud and Local editions.

The Winbiz Accounting, Commerce and Payroll Modules are all included in the different Enterprise Packages.

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