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Centralise your addresses, items, sales, purchases and inventory with accounting and payroll management

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Winbiz Enterprise Packs

Discover our three Packs: Winbiz Basic for small businesses, Winbiz Professional for the vast majority of Swiss SMEs and Winbiz Ultimate + for the most complex companies.

Available in Winbiz Cloud and in local version.

Winbiz Modules

Winbiz Accounting, Winbiz Commerce and Winbiz Payroll are the three Modules included in our packs. They can also be purchased separately.

Winbiz Options

The Options Winbiz Cash Register and Winbiz Projects are part of the Company Ultimate+ Pack. It is possible to choose one of the two options in addition to the Professional Pack in local version.

Winbiz Extensions

The five Winbiz extensions are available exclusively with the Enterprise Ultimate+ Pack. These extensions are the following: Copier Management, Building Management, Land Plot Management, Petrol Machines and TOMAS®.

Winbiz Business Solutions

Several Business Solutions adapt the software to multiple domains. These solutions are included in the Professional and Ultimate+ Packs as well as in the Commerce Module.


Winbiz may require the installation of additional components to run successfully. The software required to connect to Winbiz Cloud is also available at this location.

Customer Feedback Les Fondues Wyssmüller

This professional software allows us to work effectively thanks to its simplicity. We can also optimize the time devoted to administrative management, as Winbiz allows you to centralize the different commercial documents.

Les Fondues Wyssmüller
Event Manager

Fiduciaire Beaumont Testimonial

The Winbiz program won us over with its simplicity and accessibility. As a fiduciary, it is important to also understand the functioning of the database, thus enabling better work data exports.

Fiduciaire Beaumont SA
Le directeur

Témoignage Tennis Club Echallens

The Winbiz Basic Pack has greatly facilitated the work of the secretariat in the tennis club ! Automated invoices and payments to clients and creditors, it saves a very precious time. Its very attractive price, has allowed us to acquire it without too much burden on our budget, element always good to take !

Treasurer of the Tennis Club Echallens