Connecting from a Mac

Connecting from a PC

Winbiz Cloud Install

1. Make sure you have your Winbiz Cloud login and password (Created when ordering)
2. Click on the link
3. Open the downloads file
4. Click on "wb_cloud_install.pkg"
5. The message "Cannot open 'wb_cloud_install.pkg' as this app comes from an unidentified developer" will appear, click OK
6. Then go to the "System Preferences" on your Mac
7. Select "Security and Privacy"
8. Click on "Open anyway"
9. The message "'wb_cloud_install.pkg' comes from an unidentified developer" will appear, click on Open
10. Then follow the installation instructions
11. At the "Type of installation" stage enter access to the administrator session of your Mac
12. End the installation

Connect to Winbiz Cloud via the Citrix Receiver app

1. Click on the magnifying glass at the top right of the screen
2. In the search window, enter the text "Citrix Receiver"
3. Double click on the Citrix Receiver app
4. In the "Citrix Receiver" window, add the account


5. In the "Setup" window, enter the "Username" and the "Password" and click on "Log On"

Caution: It is not possible to use the printing function if you are using an iPad, iPod, etc.

Transfer your local data to Winbiz Cloud

Are you already using Winbiz? Transfer your local data to Winbiz Cloud easily and securely.

An article in the FAQs will assist you step-by-step with screenshots and comments to complete the migration.


  • SMTP via TSL
  • Mac OS : 10.11 (El Capitan) or higher
  • Windows : Windows 7 or higher
  • iPad/iPhone (iOS 7.x or higher)
  • Android (Version 4/Ice Cream Sandwich or higher)
  • Windows Phone (Windows 7 or higher)
  • An internet connection of at least 2 Mbits / s down- / upload


  • E-banking connections that require a certificate on a USB stick or CD. L’envoi ou la récupération e-banking doit donc être fait manuellement.
  • Les imprimantes multi-bacs ne fonctionnent pas sur les Macs : il n'est par exemple pas possible d’imprimer une facture avec un BVR séparé sur un bac différent.
  • Winbiz Cloud is unavailable from 2 am to 3 am (Swiss time) during the night from Sunday to Monday
  • Les périphériques liés à Winbiz Caisse (imprimantes à ticket, afficheur client…) ne sont pas compatibles avec Winbiz Cloud sur un environnement Mac.
  • La liaison avec Microsoft Outlook (envoi d'email, synchronisation des contacts)
  • Les graphiques (tableaux de bord) ne peuvent pas être exportés sur Word, PowerPoint ou Excel
  • La liaison automatique avec un terminal de paiement. En savoir plus