Connecting from an Android tablet or phone

Access to Winbiz Cloud from an Android tablet or phone is available through Citrix Receiver. It is necessary to install this app before it can be used. Winbiz Cloud is supported from “Version 4/Ice Cream Sandwich”.

Download the Citrix Receiver app

  1. Make sure you have your Winbiz Cloud login and password (Created when ordering)
  2. Open “Play Store” on your phone
  3. Search for “Citrix Receiver” (free app)
  4. Click on “Install
  5. Click on “Accept”
  6. Then open the “Citrix Receiver” app
  7. Click on “Add an account”
  8. Give the address “ »
  9. Click on “Next”
  10. CCreate your account in the “Citrix Receiver” app (Description: this text defines the account name you will have in Citrix. It bases this on the information you entered in step 7. / Domain: Insert the domain name “”)
  11. Click on your account to access Winbiz Cloud
  12. Re-enter your Cloud user password
    Note: Steps 1 to 11 are only to be carried out at the first launch.
  13. Enter your login details, in the Winbiz Cloud log window

Note : it is not possible to print from this environment

Winbiz Cloud

Winbiz Cloud for iPad