Connecting from a PC

Connecting from a Mac

Access to Winbiz Cloud from a PC is available through our installer that contains Citrix Receiver and ScrewDrivers software Customer (for printing). Winbiz Cloud is supported from Windows Vista.


Download Winbiz Cloud Install

1. Make sure you have your Winbiz Cloud login and password (Created when ordering)
2. Click on the link
3. Open the downloaded file "wb_cloud_install.exe"
4. Select your language
5. Then follow the installation assistant's instructions

Note: installation may take several minutes.

Connect to Winbiz Cloud via the Citrix Receiver app

1. Click the taskbar arrow next to the Windows clock
2. Double click on the Citrix Receiver app to open it
3. In the "Add an account" window, enter the address ""
4. Insert the "Username" and the "Password"
5. Click on "Open a session"

The installation is complete, you can now use Winbiz Cloud and print your various documents.

Caution: You cannot use the print function if you are connecting from a tablet, a Windows phone or an Android phone.

Transfer your local data to Winbiz Cloud

Are you already using Winbiz? Transfer your local data to Winbiz Cloud easily and securely.

An article in the Knowledge Base will assist you step-by-step with screenshots and comments to complete the migration.