The Winbiz team

Our joint mission is to help contractors

Winbiz Team

The Winbiz team consists of 45 contributors spread over three sites in Switzerland. We develop our software in Martigny and Lausanne; support for our customers, spread out all over Switzerland, is provided from our Valais site. Training is given by our teams, as well as by our partners.

Technical support

FIDUCIAL WINBIZ SA All our support technicians are in Wallis. This allows Winbiz technical support to provide assistance in French and Swiss-German, while also allowing our staff to live close to the workplace.

Sales and Marketing

Our Sales & Marketing team is in charge of customer relations. We communicate in a transparent way and apply a commercial policy adapted to SMEs. We travel the whole of Switzerland: from the Castles of Bellinzona to the Rhein Falls, from the Jet d’Eau fountain in Geneva to Lake St. Moritz. Our objective is not to “sell at all costs”; we prefer to explain the many options offered by our software. This spirit of openness allows our customers to make an informed choice and we are proud to count many fans among the more than 35 000 companies that currently trust us.


Three Learning Centers in Geneva and Martigny are dedicated to the collective training sessions organised by our team. These training centres provide an ideal setting for group classes. The number of participants is limited to a maximum of 8 people. Our training team is also in charge of updating the course materials, as well as the documentation provided with Winbiz. Our partner also travel to your premises, if necessary, to provide customised courses tailored to your needs.

Research & Development

Our R&D team is responsible for programming our software and ensures that our customers receive a new update every month. We achieve this by working with agile methods that enable us to adapt quickly to any change in the legal framework. We provide simple and intuitive software while remaining in line with new Swiss legislation. The team also provides support to third-party software vendors and partners to develop connectors or interfaces with Winbiz.

Our fiduciary partners and resellers

FIDUCIAL WINBIZ SA is supported by a strong network of partners throughout Switzerland. Our partners’ expertise allows our customers to benefit from a very wide range of services in addition to our Winbiz offer. FIDUCIAL WINBIZ does not provide, for example, a “fiduciary” service, but collaborates with more than 800 fiduciaries. This extensive ecosystem enables our customers to benefit from services adapted to their needs throughout Switzerland.