Labels and certifications

Find out why Winbiz has become the Swiss market standard for software publishers

Swiss Made

Winbiz has been certified Swiss Made since 1 January 2016. Development, support and training are carried out exclusively in Switzerland; we acquired this certification thanks to this.

Winbiz, the ERP software for Swiss SMEs, developed in Switzerland.

Swissdec 4

Winbiz Payroll has been Swissdec certified since 2008. This allows you to safely exchange salary data with several recipients: federal and cantonal administration, compensation funds and pension funds. The procedure for transmitting statements is fast, simple and secure.

With Swissdec you can also save money. The commission you collect on source taxation will generally be higher than that collected on paper submissions.

ISO 20022

Winbiz is prepared for the ISO 20022 standard. The financial centre has decided to harmonise its payment standards with European standards. This should make it possible to reduce the diversity of procedures, to rely on a uniform technical standard and be more in line with European regulations.

Swiss Made Software

Our software has been labelled Swiss Made Software. This label is dedicated to the promotion of the Swiss software sector. This label combines Swiss values such as quality, reliability and precision. These values are precisely what we base our daily work on.

Windows 10

Winbiz 9 is certified as compatible with Windows 8 and Windows 10.